Adust Air Quality Indicator Sensitivity

Airmega 150 & 160

The air quality sensor is set to standard sensitivity when the product is shipped out. If the pollution level stays at the highest level after 2 hours of operation or remains at the lowest level for more than 1 hour when the air does not seem clean, users can adjust the sensitivity of the air quality sensor as follows.

*If not pressing the sensitivity enter button for more than 10 seconds, the sensitivity will automatically apply to the last sensitivity level setting and go back to its normal operation mode

mceclip3.png1. While the product is operating, press the Power button and the Fan Speed button simultaneously for more than 2 seconds.

2. The speed indicator flashes at an approximately 0.5-second interval.

3. Press the speed button to adjust it to the desired sensitivity. The speed indicator blinks as shown below once sensor sensitivity has been selected.mceclip4.png

4. Press the Power button and the Speed button simultaneously for more than 2 seconds, the selected sensitivity will be inputted, and the product will start operating normally.