Air Purification System of the AP-1216L

Washable Pre-Filter
The pre-filter prolongs the lifetime of the filters on the next step by removing large dust particles, airborne mold, pet hair and more. It's also washable and easy to dry which provides a better long term investment for better air purification.

Deodorization Filter
This is particularly effective at trapping odor and harmful gas to keep your place as fresh as possible.

True HEPA Filter
The high-performance composite True HEPA filter effectively removes fine dust and even cigarette smoke up to 99.97%.

The ionizer is optional and can be turned on / off
When the air purifier’s ionizer is turned on, voltage is applied to a series of built-in needles, creating electrons that are discharged into the air. When these electrons attach to air molecules, ions are formed.

The built-in, independent ionizers help with trapping airborne particles to clean the air in the environment. Ionizers emit harmless negative ions which attach to dust, pollen, smoke, and other small particulate matter to create a larger particle for easier capturization. These particles may also descend to the floor or other surfaces which can be vacuumed or dusted off.