Why is my Coway Airmega Wi-Fi connection cut off frequently?

There are many various reasons why the connection of your Cowaymega product gets cut-offs frequently.

There are some solutions to help improve your product's pairing issues.

  1. Please move your Coway Airmega closer to your Wi-Fi router and try pairing again. If your Coway product is too far away from your Wi-Fi router, it could be out of range.
  2. Please check for wireless interference. Wireless interference can be caused by too many Wi-Fi devices in the house, too many Wi-Fi networks in the area, or even a large metal object between your Coway product and the router.
  3. Try to uninstall your current app and download the Coway IoCare app from the app store to make sure you are using the latest Coway IoCare app.
  4. Make sure that your WiFi is currently functioning. For instance, you can check the WiFi status on your router: the WiFi light should be activated and stable before adding your Coway products to the Coway IoCare app.
  5. Please make sure to Disable VPN (Virtual Private Network) while using the IoCare. Make sure to check the Settings menu of your phone to check if you are using VPN and disable the VPN temporarily if necessary
    1. [IOS] iPhones: open Settings > General > VPN and follow the instructions to disconnect the VPN
    2. [AOS] Android phones: Open Settings > Network and Internet > VPN and follow the instructions to disconnect the VPN.
  • Plug out for 5 minutes, and plug in the product again.
  • Log out and log in again from the Coway IoCare app.

When all the above steps have been tried or checked, open your Coway IoCare app and follow the instructions to connect your Coway Product device.


If your device still does not connect to the app, you can try to: 

IoCare Pairing Troubleshooting: Hotspot Method

What you need to get started
• Additional cell phone or any type of touchpad. (iPad, or anything that has a hotspot function)

  • 1. Turn on the hotspot for the secondary device. (phone or touchpad)
    • a. Hotspot turned-on device is working as a Wi-Fi router
  • 2. Please set up the password for the hotspot with numbers only for a better pairing process.
  • 3. Open the latest IoCare app
  • 4. Connect the Coway Product device to the secondary phone/tablet device's hotspot as a Wi-Fi Router.
  • 5. Start the pairing process with the main device, and follow the in-app steps.

If the pairing has been successful on Hot-Spot devices, it means that your Coway Product works fine, and there should be some troubles on Wi-Fi Router or modem provider itself. In that case, we strongly recommend reaching out to the Internet provider for this issue.

If the pairing has not been successful on Hot-Spot devices, please contact info@cowaymega.com by email, or call (800) 285-0982 (10 AM ~ 8 PM CST) for troubleshooting.