Where should I place my air purifier ?

Here’s how to place your machine for better performance and to avoid some common mistakes:

First, find where the air will flow in and out of your purifier.
Make sure nothing blocks either air passage by keeping at least 6 to 12 inches of space between the air inlet and any objects. Make sure nothing is placed on the air purifier’s vent.

Decide which room you’d like to place your purifier in. Living rooms and bedrooms are commonly chosen rooms to put an air purifier. Breathing fresh air while you sleep can be a life-changer.

We recommend a placement close to the middle of where you want clean air, like in between the living room and kitchen, for maximum performance. You may also place the product where contaminants are likely concentrated, like in the kitchen due to gas stove and cooking. Beware of the product’s distance from the stove or oven as it may cause damage from heat and too much oil and mist being sucked into the filter, which could cause the air purifier’s life cycle to reduce severely.

We recommend ventilating the room before turning the air purifier on. The same applies when vacuuming.

You can enjoy the fresh air with Coway air purifiers wherever it’s placed.